Shepherds chapel teaches God's word, line by line and chapter by chapter

Shepherds Chapel & God's Word

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The Shepherd's Chapel Teaches God's Word
Shepherds Chapel, with Pastor/Dr. Arnold Murray
has been in existence for quite some time as a
church and has been shown for many years on many
channels, including channel 41 in the Twin Cities
and also on DirecTV, lately on a channel or network
called "UpLifTV." Pastor Arnold Murray, and his son,
Pastor Dennis Murray have earned a very good and
well-deserved reputation for teaching the bible
(God's word) line-by-line and chapter-by-chapter
and teaching exacly what those lines, chapters and
verses mean to everyone from both yesterday and
today. The two Pastors, Arnold and Dennis Murray
are father (Arnold) and one of his sons (Dennis.)

Shepherds Chapel teaches God's word like few have
ever taught before. The bible really does come to
life with meaning that has not been understood
before without the understanding of the original
languages that the bible was written in, before
being translated into English. Many people today
know the old testament was written in Hebrew and
the new testament was originally written in Aramaic,
(and a dialect of it) as well as Greek and at least
one other language. There has just been much (a great
deal of information) that various translators have
left out (or mistranslated) over the very great time
that the bible has existed. In one very old
translation of the bible, the translators even
included an addendum (or letter) apologizing for
any mistranslated text, and encouraged us all to
study those words carefully.

The Shepherds Chapel and the Pastors Arnold and
Dennis Murray usually advise at some point during
many programs that we utilize or study the word
using the "Strong's Concordance" which provides a
very thoughtful and detailed definition of the
usage of many old words which were used back when
the bible was written. Certain words in all forms
of vocabulary go through little changes over time.
Some words change or vary by singularity and
plurality and also by culture and it's mentality.

Churches like the Shepherds Chapel (and it's
pastors and support personel are a breath of fresh
air compared to many other old and modern churches.
They make it clear that God's word teaches exactly
how many will be deceived and how not to be
deceived by the false or antichrist, which will
come first, impressing many with his peacefull
and deceptive ways, as Satan will do.

Shepherds Chapel personel (Including Arnold and
Dennis Murray) deserve a great deal of respect and
kudos for their work and the entire work of the
Shepherds Chapel, including the church, the
satellite network, some pictorial and documentary
segments of the broadcast show and last but not
least, the question-answering portion of the daily
show. They answer the questions given to them
frankly, honestly and with very great seriousness
and caring. Sometimes when Shepherds Chapel runs
out of time, when answering questions, they answer
those remaining questions during the next "lecture."
That is a very caring and appropriate system. If you
listen by shortwave radio, you are also encouraged.

The Shepherds Chapel goes into great depth when
explaining answers to questions and frequently cites
the many bible-documented verses that document those
answers to viewer questions. This includes how Satan
and other charubim, were not born of woman for the
(simple) reason that they earned it in that age,
(Ezekial 28) Obviously, Satan became greedy blew it.

It is important to note that Shepherds Chapel and
whichever pastor is doing the lecture always gives
proper credit to God and his word and that
Shepherds Chapel never give themselves credit for
God's word, as it should be. Shepherds Chapel teaches
that Jesus Christ, his father, and ours, God
(Jaheveh) is the living word. They teach that every
day is a good day, when we live in his word. That is
the word of Jesus Christ, God with us.


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